Don’t Cry is one of the most famous songs of the rock band Guns N’ Roses. The song was released on September 17, 1991. Andy Morahan directed the official music video of the song. Here are the top 5 covers of the song Don’t Cry.

1. Don’t Cry cover by Siegfried Song

Siegfried Song covered the song with David Olivares collaboration. They tried to make the song a little bit different rather than an exact copy of the original one.

2. Don’t Cry cover by Kobra Rockshow

Kobra Rockshow is a Slovenian band who covered the song in a live session in 2016 at MC Celje. The band members are Matic Nareks – vocals, Rok Lajlar – guitars, Jan Golavšek – keyboards, Jan Palčnik – bass guitar, Blaž Senica – drums.

3. Don’t Cry cover by Unknown

Sorry to say that we don’t know the name of the band or singer. But after watching the cover we think that it should be listed.

4. Don’t Cry cover by Gareth Rhodes

Gareth Rhodes made a soft cover of the song Don’t Cry. And he mentioned in the videos details that this song helped to build his youtube channel.

5. Don’t Cry cover by Loran

This is an acoustic cover from Loran. Though the accent was little different I personally liked this one.